Live Cooking
& Party

This event is informal and held in a friendly atmosphere. The food is cooked and served in front of the guests. The dishes are mainly served on large tables, but mini-portions are also available. Your event is always personalized and tailor-made to your wishes.


Celebrating 2O Years of Volvo Trucks

June 2017 | 1,000 invited guests enjoyed the atmosphere of Pruhonicky Park as well as traditional Czech and Swedish cuisine. Guests were celebrating 20-year anniversary of Volvo Trucks until the early morning hours and were delighted to get refreshments any time they wished.

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Summer Celebration at the German Embassy

June 2017 | The garden celebration of the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce took place on the premises of the German Embassy in Prague. Under a blue sky, we served light summer meals, which guests chose according to their taste. Our programme was enriched by ‘live cooking’ and our ice-pan show’.

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A Ball for the Guests of Prague 1

May 2017 | The Spring Ball for 1,100 prominent culturally, politically and socially prominent guests of Prague 1. The theme of the evening was film, and we were in charge of directing it. Our food and drinks were a box-office hit.

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PRECIOSA Showroom Opening

March 2017 | Showroom opening was harmonized with perfect refreshments. We ‘topped off‘ meals with a combination of fragility and the cleanliness of crystal. There was also a flying buffet, of course...

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The Evening Party for the GANT Company

December 2016 | The theme of this evening party at Kuceruv Palace was sushi. Cuts of fresh tuna from a fish that weighed 34 kg became a dominant talking point during the event. Of course, we also grilled meat and mixed drinks.

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SKYPE Christmas Party

December 2016 | At the former 64 U Hradeb cinema, Skype employees enjoyed a wide range of dishes from all over the world. Guests could taste Asian street food, English fast food or delicacies from the traditional Czech Christmas markets.

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Marwic Magazine Birthday Party

December 2016 | The first birthday party of the magazine Marwic was held in the Chemistry Gallery, where we coupled the catering with the art. Guests could enjoy the food while watching ‘live cooking’ or the ice-pan show. The masterpiece of the evening was painting with food.

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NAUTICA Fashion Show

July 2016 | When Nautica introduced its new collection at the Hauch Gallery, we sailed in with our playful ‘beach style’ catering. Guests could refresh themselves with ice cream from a ‘frying pan’ or taste delicacies in edible or inedible cones. We proved that refreshments could be a kind of sailing adventure.

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Presentation of New Vichy Cosmetics

April 2016 | The cities of Prague, Brno and Bratislava hosted a special show coinciding with the introduction of new products from Vichy. The food was in perfect harmony with the colours of the products. Guests could taste blue potatoes, pink mini-desserts or punch-flavoured macarons.

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Launching the new Adidas Pureboost

March 2016 | Introduction of Adidas Pureboost Trainers. Two food bloggers, massive portion of light food and big Ice-Pan Show. Simply said – refreshment full of energy and colours.

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Gala dinner and cocktail for Fly Emirates


October 2014 | In Budapest we served 450 guests. We also emphasized small details such as mini desserts or salmon.

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