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Fabulous, Unique and Notorious Parties by Zátiší Group. Celebrate and have FUN with our theme parties




As a boy, I extremely used to long for all the technical playthings which secret agents smoothly handled in the movies, heroic reporters such as Tintin or cosmic pilots. Often, the discovery of the new "phaser" or "tricoder" clinched otherwise a totally silly movie. I have already forgotten the plot of many cheap shots but a mobile phone hidden in the badge, the one of Dr. Spock, I will probably remember until I die.

Isac Asimov from a book "I Asimov"









Theme I "Cosmír"


Welcome to a special space craft offering comfort of a luxurious resaturant....In the craft which will take you into the future... Welcome to an event offering thrill of travelling among the galaxies and at the same time providing peace and ease of a stylish party which is going back to an expressive poetics of the famous sci-fi movie at the break of sixties "Ikaria XB1".





Theme II "Gambling club"


Welcome to a party offering the thrill of gambling, an atmosphere of a gambling club, glaring roulette tables... Welcome to a world of secret agents, secret codes and secret missions. Welcome downright to Casino Royale.





 0"For me, Christmas has always been filled up with an amazing atmosphere. The Christmas suspension used to be so exciting that it didn't let me sleep. I was fascinated by the thought it was going to be completely different than the rest of the year. "Simply, somebeody up there is listening to me and if I am warm-hearted, I will perhaps get a teddy bear..."

With a tiny, utterly tremulous soul I used to sit down to a blank piece of paper and put down a heading "Dear Santa Clause"

Frank Sinatra

The Christmas time is closing in and we are dreaming about reposal, presents, Christmas cookies, a garnished Christmas Tree and mainly about the Christmas peace.

In this field day, we will together get across to a dreamlike Christmas New York - right into the Rockefeller centre. We have known this occasion from all famous Christmas movies. The Christmas trees are shining with an endless amount of trappings, the big presents are just waiting for the moment to be opened by somene and our ears pick up the famous Sinatra tune "New York, New York".

Let us together enjoy the Christmas evening in New York, let us together go to relish the atmosphere of the swing rhythms in the very centre of Manhattan.


Cotton Club

 0Cotton club is a rule, cofession, love, dispersion, amusement and even a duty....

Cotton club is the magic of the moment, instant, music and white glowing human emotion...

Every night, the Cotton club is becoming the centre of my universe....

Moby Moss, the jazz bandmaster and musician 1930, excerpt from a book "The Cotton Club"

We are going back in time more than 6O years. The economical crisis had not long ago ended and the whole world is rushing into a whirl of amusement. Somewhere in an old town lies the famous club. For one evening we are reconstructing the atmosphere of the famous Cotton club with all it takes.

Welcome to the elite, welcome to the shine of oldtime movie lights, welcome to a place where you can meet your friends... Welocome to "The Cotton Club" and you will experience an evening which is not to be forgotten....


Day of fulfilled wishes


Welcome to the peaceful atmosphere that everyone has cherished since the childhood and that is slowly beeing forgotten in the work day rush. Welcome to a place where you can meet your friends, business partners or colleagues. Welcome to a party you will enjoy and will kindly remember for a long time.

Even if it's Christmas, Easter, birthday or other annyversary, the strange longing and spirit is sinking in again to wake up our childlike soul.

"What am I going to get", I am asking myself. "What is it going to be like this year", I am saying to myself.

Then we forget all our wishes, it is also necessary to take care of others - children, grandmothers, other relatives, acquaintances etc. Our own wishes remain henceforward just wishes.

We are offering you a different solution. At your "Evening of unfulfiled wishes" it will all change as if hit by a magic. Now,you are the most important,you are in the first place. You can really wish all what you please - or almost all... What you have long wished for is becoming real.... Imagine the beatiful surprise. You are coming to your company's party and somebody is calling you by your name. You enter the stage and that thing you have uttered as an unrealizable wish is just coming true!

So tell us - isn't this simply a splendour. Isn't this a worthwhile event?!


Hawaii party


Occuring in the glare of daylight sunshine, hot dancers or the palm tree shade at a real Hawaiian bar. The palm leaves moving in the pleasant breeze, hearing the sound of exotic birds and gentle strains of raggae. The guests are offered an unbelievable look out at a gorgeous beach with a view of the endless ocean. In the nearby port the ships lie at anchor....

The palm trees rise into the azure sky....

The lightly dressed dancers are surging at the brililiant sandy beach, indulging in the tones of raggae and samba...



Ice age


Everyone preffers different things - some people like sour, some sweet, some like sunshine, others like rain. But for sure, nobody likes creepy cold. So cold, you have a feeling of freezing to death. And still we are inviting you to an evening full of blasting chill. To an evening where you will only be surrounded by mere ice. Only here and there a half-frozen squirrel, hairy mammoth or a desperate Eskymo will try to light up a smile in your face. Welcome to the ancient ages and may be even future. Take off your fur coats, give yourself up to the joyful merry-making in the glare of bluish lights. Welcome to today's party.



The ICE AGE has just begun

The guests are coming into an indifferent space filled up to the top by decorations resembling of ice, ice and again just ice. Icicles hanging from the ceiling, only a few eskymos have built their iglus and together with the guests start to wallow the alcoholic inebriety at their beautiously lit up ice bar. Yes, the iglu is becoming the centre of today's evening. As we know, the chill of an ice age is so piercing that everyone has to stay together, everyone needs to snuggle.


Around the world journey

 0It is not for the first or last that the world adventurers dispute about the time of the round the world journey.

We will let them dispute, compete and triumph each other....

We are no doubt able to achive this the fastest. Set out with us on the round the world journey in 360 minutes. Set out with us on a path full of exotic places, drinks and dishes....




Salsa and Tapas


The meaning of the Spanish word salsa - a sauce, totally describes this typ of a dance. It is a sauce with a number of incredients - the same as an evening hiding under a name of Salsa and Tapas.

An evening full of amusement, dance and coming closer to each other....

Cocktails containing ice-cubes flickering in the rhythm of music , exotic fruit garnishings accompanying every drink, is there anything missing?

A broad selection of the best TAPAS.

Salsa is joy, sunshine, taste, smplicity, romance, passion, dynamics, energy of fire and youth of every age.