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Our team

Our mission and the motto "Yes, we can..." can only be attained through Our People. Our event managers belong to the most experienced people in the industry.

Don’t hesitate to ask us, Yes, we can...


David Tomašovych - Managing Director Zátiší Catering,  Division Prague Congress Centre


Zatisi Group – it is my last fifteen years. And they have been very busy years! I started in the Parnas restaurant. I spent two afternoons there and on the third I joined the restaurant V Zatisi. First as a waiter and gradually I worked my way up to a Deputy Manager. For a short time I came back to Parnas, then back to V Zatisi and in between I have launched a new restaurant Circle Line. My next task was to “close” the legendary Corona bar and to establish a new fine dining restaurant called Mlynec. When this mission was completed, I moved to the Prague Congress Centre as the Operations Manager with responsibility for the catering of all events held in the Congress Centre and at our venue called ZOOM Unique Place.

All these changes and the freedom and opportunity to bring my ideas to life are what I really enjoy; and of course good food – steaks mainly.




M: +420 603 329 748




Jan Šmelhaus - Managing Director Zátiší Catering


I started working for Zátiší Group during my first University year. I graduated from the Bio-medical Faculty of the Czech Technical University. I know, this has nothing to do with catering, but if someone were to get sick during an event, I would be ready to help. J

My work is fully satisfactory to me. You may rely on the fact that the team managing and operating your event is the utmost professional and will cater to all your requests. My goal is to exceed your expectations and assure that our services result in an unforgettable experience for you.I represent President Prague Club in field hockey (not floor ball!!) in my free time and when it comes to winter sports, I am an avid snowboarder.

I like good food and tasty wines, even a glass of cold Pilsner. Truffles are my greatest delight, but I never turn down my Mother’s marinated beef sirloin with creamy-vegetable sauce.








Marek Schneider - Head of Catering - Žofín Palace


I commenced my exciting journey throughout the culinary world in 1996 by graduating from a Hotel School in Retz, Austria. Since then, I have been gathering knowledge and gaining experience worldwide.

I landed on the island rich with various tastes and fragrances upon my return from Asia in 2008. I have become your “journey to gastronomic orgasm” tour guide that often starts with but a vague image and empty stomach. It is entirely up to you, what weapons you arm yourselves with – spoons, forks, toothpicks or fingers. You may rest assured that your taste buds will appreciate any of the various ways of consuming food.

I have tasted a lot of things – from fried scorpions in China to dried grasshoppers in central Mexico, but my champions remain: the rose champagne, Russian caviar and marinated beef sirloin with creamy-vegetable sauce made by Granny. And what do I like doing when away from my job? Wandering around the world….




M: +420 605 200 289




Jan Bureš - Executive Chef


When you are enjoying veal fillet in the Spanish Hall during a gala dinner in the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle, you can be sure that it has been checked by me. Quite possibly, it was prepared by me too, but for sure I have created the recipe. I am the Chef.

I enjoy big events the most where we cook for example, for 2000 people. It is certainly not easy and I am only satisfied if everything happens without a single mistake (also with such a number of guests).

After a long day of cooking, it is difficult to get me to cook at home. If someone succeeds, I usually choose Czech cuisine. Speaking about eating, I enjoy the traditional Czech “svickova” or a lamb at most.

But a Chef can do more than just cooking – I used to play rugby and also enjoy skiing, especially in Switzerland.




M: +420 603 842 906



Jan Mudroch – Head of Catering

0I started working at the Zátiší Group during my studies, so when I was offered to become a full-time member of the catering team, I did not hesitate for one second.

I have been with the company since 2006 and I have never stopped being grateful for the opportunity. It has been demanding, yet immensely inspiring years, filled with professional growth and self-recognition.

Today, I cannot imagine working with people who do not live for their work. Our clients who expect the best and the incredible team of people at the Zátiší Group is what motivates me.

In my free time, I enjoy motorcycle riding, sports and good food and drink. When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends at our family cottage at Vysočina or travelling. 


M: +420 605 203 584



Linda Reitingerová - Head of Catering - Prague Congress Catering


Making sure that thousands of participants of international congresses and conferences are content is my forte.

In 2004, my ample experience with organization and catering, as gained during my foreign travels and years in ViaPefecta, brought me to Zátiší Group. After six months there, in the catering department, I was offered to launch operations of a new Zátiší subsidiary at the Prague Congress Centre and I have been here ever since.

The unconventional character of ordinary days, good spirits, using my experience and language knowledge together with tasting great meals including steaks, sushi and "salata od hobotnice” on regular basis is what matters to me when it comes to my job.

Each content client represents a positive boost that I use when launching a new event preparatory stage.When I have free time, I spend it with my children and my family travelling, skiing, playing tennis or horse-back riding.




M: +420 731 156 614



Naděžda Bartáková - Catering Sales Manager


I love food and professionalism. I have been working in the advertising and event business for about 10 years. Throughout the time, I have had the opportunity to taste various delicacies and observe the work of several catering companies, and I have always admired the Zátiší Group, considering it the market leader in the field. When I received the offer to join their excellent and highly professional team, I did not hesitate and accepted the offer as a great challenge.

I really like travelling, getting to know different cultures and tasting exotic food. I have travelled around the most of Europe, Asia and North America. I spend my free time with my family. My husband and I, we love our two children who are the best teachers and a never-ending source of inspiration.



M: +420 605 241 557



Tereza Kučerová – Catering Office and Venue Manager

0I was drawn to gastronomy ever since I was a little girl. I grew up in a restaurant environment as my parents run a Pension in South Bohemia and, as we say in this country: “I am a pub-grown girl.”

But it was not until my job at the Zátiší Group that I encountered high gastronomy. I used to be very picky, but my attitude towards food has gradually changed. Now I know that nothing is either black or white and that it is always best to first taste something before saying: “Never again!” J Quality food will always be my utmost priority – no changes there.

I am very happy to be a part of the Zátiší Group. I attend distant learning classes in PR Management and believe that I will be able to use in full the knowledge acquired there as a PR Manager at a catering company. I really enjoy working with people as people are the greatest added value when working in the service industry.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, attend yoga classes, pop-in for a glass of chilled Pilsner beer with friends or play beach volleyball. In winter, I switch to skiing and snowboarding.



M: +420 778 735 695




Zoltán Fördős - Key Partner Manager

0After many years spent travelling and gaining experience, I landed in Prague. I am grateful I got the opportunity to become a member of the great catering team and the Zátiší Group.

Every day I get to capitalize on my experience and learn new things. I enjoy co-producing unforgettable events for our clients.

I like spending my free time with my dog, I like nature, books and travelling the world on a motorcycle.







M: +420 731 180 068




Jiří Hutr - Key Partner Manager

0When I was 15 and faced with the question of what professional career to follow, there was not a single doubt in my mind: I chose gastronomy.

After finishing secondary school at the Business and Hotel School in Brno and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management in Opava, I decided to continue my studies in Prague in 2009. While I was still at university, I began working part-time for the Zátiší Catering Group. That was my first “date” with haute cuisine. After just a few more dates, I knew that I had found the love of my life.

I prefer the Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. And, being from a family of wine-makers, I never turn down a glass of good wine. But I have to admit that wine tastes best in father’s wine cellar.

My favourite pastime is both active and passive – simply enjoying a pleasant chat with good friends.


M: +420 775 850 330 



Anna Skořepová - Key Partner Manager

0I have been with Zátiší Catering since November 2004 - since the company became the general caterer of the Prague Congress Centre.

I started out as the Maître d´Hotel and currently work as the Event Manager. I really like and enjoy my job. I believe that I will repay my company by increasing the number of its content clients.

Good food, wine tasting and sport in all its forms are some of my hobbies.





M: +420 731 156 613



Andrea Jakubove - Key Partner Manager


I was born in Slovakia and relocated to the Czech Republic in my 20’s to study. I finished my studies in 2007, but joined Zátiší Group as a waitress earlier to support myself while still at school. I was enjoying my job more by the day and managed to earn promotion from the position of the Maître d´Hotel to the Event Manager.

My job is, simply put, everything: From the first encounter with our client and the event execution to the moment we extend our final greetings and thanks.

I like sports and taking my four-legged friend for walks. Sweets are never excluded from my diet.





M: +420 604 229 701



Martin Vobořil - Operation Manager - Rudolfinum


I started in Zátiší as a temp waiter at catering events, but I got to like the thrill and challenge of catering so much that I could not but jump at the opportunity to become a permanent member of Zátiší catering team.

Favorite dishes: I have more than just a working relationship with food – cooking is my favorite pastime and I make a point of buying a cookbook of local specialties whenever I go for a vacation or a trip abroad. I like Moravian wines and recommend them to all our international clients.

Hobbies: I enjoy cycling, I often go to movies and I like to travel.





M: +420 739 344 779




Milan Paďour - Restaurant Manager, Café Restaurant VÁCLAV, Škoda Museum


After having worked as an Event Manager at Zátiší Catering for several years, I was offered to become the head of a refurbished establishment at the Škoda Museum, where Zátiší Catering Group opened its new outlet in 2012. I like challenges so I did not hesitate at all and accepted the offer. I put together a new team of people, I can rely on, and, together with the chef, we built our daily menu from premium ingredients, grown in the area. I will be happy to assist you with hosting your events in this beautiful space. I will propose a menu, prepare a tasting, provide those who cannot decide with a piece of advice and if necessary, I will also manage a flower supply, decorations, menu printing and all additional services, connected with event hosting. Fantastic food is without a question as there could not be a good party without good food.

If I were to name my favourite food, I would have to say that it is every meal which makes me say “WOW, what an experience” after I am done eating it. I prefer washing my meals down with quality wine.

I enjoy best spending my free time with my wife and my two sons.  



M: +420 731 156 610