Cafe Reunion

Under 200

Cafe Reunion/ Prague Congress Centre / Entrance No. 5 / Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9:30 - 17:00

Prosecco (0,15) CZK 70 Homemade sandwiches
- daily offer CZK 75
Red /white wine (0,2) 
CZK 70
Salads - daily oofer CZK 75
Pilsner Urquell (0,33)
CZK 50
Cider (0,4) CZK 60  
Espresso lungo, ristretto CZK 40 Homemade sweets
from CZK 35
Cappuccino CZK 50 Cakes from our bakery
CZK 45 
Caffe latte CZK 50  
Tea CZK 30  
Homemade lemonade (0,3) CZK 40 Biscuit CZK 25
Still/sparkling water (0,33) CZK 40 Potato chips CZK 50
Fruit juices (0,2) CZK 45 Nuts CZK 50
Coca-Cola, Zero (0,33) CZK 45  
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5. kvetna 65


Bawag Bank Bawag Bank

Under 200 | On the corner of Stepanska Street and Wenceslas Square there is the cupola of Bawag Bank. It is a prestigious location with a stunning view of historic Prague including the Petrin Hill and Prague Castle. The building has two floors suitable for catering, dancing or a specific programme of event for your clients or staff parties.

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Hauch Gallery Hauch Gallery

Under 200 |

A place that combines modernity and functionality with the industrial soul of the building. This unique exhibition space is great for organizing corporate, social or commercial events. It is also a great venue for conferences, fashion shows or private dinners.

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Kaiserstejnsky Palace Kaiserstejnsky Palace

Under 200 | Kaiserstejnsky Palace was created by connecting two Gothic houses in 1630 and was rebuilt around 1700. The two buildings are joined by narrow side wings that form a small courtyard. The palace’s many halls and lounges are ideal for all types of social events and lend them a unique noble ambience. Whether you're planning a conference, a wedding, a gala dinner or a party, both buildings of the palace are at your service. Organizers of events, exhibitions, auctions and concerts always find this place irresistible.

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SmetanaQ SmetanaQ

Under 200 | This art and design centre offers wonderful interiors comprising 300 m2 and beautiful views of Prague Castle and the Petřín Tower. It is a unique place for lectures, exhibitions or workshops that can also be used for social events. The SmetanaQ space consists of three interconnected, sensitively restored galleries.

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Písek´s Gate Písek´s Gate

Under 200 |

This renovated Baroque building, in an attractive location close to Prague Castle, is a popular cultural and public centre of Prague 6. It is suitable for exhibitions, weddings, social gatherings, concerts, local presentations, celebrations of anniversaries and public holidays as well as charity events.

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Music Museum Music Museum

Under 200 |

The former Baroque Church of Saint Magdalene, dating from the 17th century, offers a magical atmosphere for any social event. Every guest will always remember this unique experience and this extraordinary venue.

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Pellé Villa Pellé Villa

Under 200 |

Thie Neo-Renaissance villa near the Hradčanská metro station is located in the heart of a unique historical area. The area is both quiet and close to the city centre. The four renovated floors, with a connection to the garden, offer spaces for cultural and social events, including exhibitions, parties, conferences and weddings.

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