Cafe Reunion

< 200 persons

Cafe Reunion/ Prague Congress Centre / Entrance No. 5 / Opening hours: TEMPORARILY CLOSED

DRINKS pick-up point for
Prosecco (0,15) CZK 70
Red /white wine (0,2) 
CZK 70
Pilsner Urquell (0,33)
CZK 50
Cider (0,4) CZK 60  
Espresso lungo, ristretto CZK 40 Homemade sweets
from CZK 35
Cappuccino CZK 50 Cakes from our bakery
CZK 45 
Caffe latte CZK 50  
Tea CZK 30  
Homemade lemonade (0,3) CZK 40 Biscuit CZK 25
Still/sparkling water (0,33) CZK 40 Potato chips CZK 50
Fruit juices (0,2) CZK 45 Nuts CZK 50
Coca-Cola, Zero (0,33) CZK 45  
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Holiday Inn Garden / The orangerie Holiday Inn Garden / The orangerie

< 200 persons | Quiet garden in the Holiday Inn hotel can also be used to organise both corporate or private events. Summer season is just ready to arrange a garden party with a beautiful view of Prague.
The Orangerie
The  winter garden is also often used as a conference room with a capacity of 70 persons with theatre style seating. Suitable for organising press conferences, product presentations, weddings and other celebrations, with direct access to a large hotel garden with the great views.

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Preciosa’s Flagship Store Preciosa’s Flagship Store

< 200 persons | Experience Bohemian crystal in its entirety at Preciosa’s Flagship store. Discover 540 square metres of crystal brilliance housed in a Neo-Renaissance building built in 1894. The Store offers the treasures from the hands of glass masters. This is where the company’s traditions and heritage are showcased for the next generation of glass craft lovers. The venue doesn’t only present the finest in Bohemian crystal, it also serves as a venue for a variety of fashion, art and design celebrations as well as for private events, receptions, workshops and press conferences. The space itself was designed by Preciosa´s Creative Directors Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug, is divided into 4 parts (Atrium, Gallery, Boutique and Lounge) and was awarded by the Red-Dot award.

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CUBE Bistro CUBE Bistro Our Exclusive Venue

< 200 persons | The bistro near the Chodov metro station is an ideal place for picnics, barbecues or meetings of small groups of people, work teams or for celebrations. The location is surrounded by a spacious park. There is an outdoor terrace, which is protected from the sun in summer. No rent needs to be paid to use the location for an event.

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The Salvador Dalí-Enigma Museum The Salvador Dalí-Enigma Museum

< 200 persons | A place that will excite and enchant you with its unique ambience. Its spaces have a surreal accent and are suitable for exceptional social or corporate events, conferences, unusual wedding ceremonies or even chamber concerts. You will experience unforgettable moments among the original works of the great Salvador Dali.

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< 200 persons | The industrial premises of a former laundry, today the art center Studio PRÁM, is an ideal space for small events. Because Studio PRÁM is at some distance from the center of Prague, you can enjoy an undisturbed event and according to your ideas. And there is a barbecue in the backyard for good weather.

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Artisème Artisème

< 200 persons | This unique venue has a large private garden in the heart of Prague and is part of a design shop and gallery located in the former Sala Terrena in the Velkoprevorsky Palace. The gallery, together with the garden, is an exceptional site for weddings, celebrations or any social event. The Baroque palace is divided into 3 rooms and access to the garden is by French windows. One room, decorated with an original fresco, is truly special. Even though the venue is located in the historic city center, it is an oasis of calm.

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Václavák 22 Václavák 22

< 200 persons | "Juliš Palace" - the functionalist dominant of Wenceslas Square was built in 1933 according to the design of architect Pavel Janák. The palace is named after its first owner, the famous confectioner Karel Juliš. On the second floor, where Praguers used to go for great desserts in the famous café, there is now an event space with many other functions. The second floor has been completely renovated and offers all the benefits of modern buildings. At the same time, however, historical elements have been preserved, thanks to which the space has retained its unique genius loci.

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DSC Gallery DSC Gallery

< 200 persons | You can enjoy the even while surrounded by the best of contemporary art at the DSC Gallery, in the heart of the Old Town. The gallery's "white cube" space, as it is called, is filled with art over two floors and also has a terrace in the courtyard.

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Villa Winternitz Villa Winternitz

< 200 persons | This architectural jewel - the Villa Winternitz - was completed in 1932, the last realized work of the renowned architect Adolf Loos. It is located in the Malvazinky residential district of Prague. The atmosphere of the villa takes you back to the days of the First Republic and the 1930s. The building embodies simplicity and beauty combined with elegance and clean lines. It has three graded terraces with a spectacular view of the center of Prague. There is also a large garden for garden parties, banquets or picnics. The villa is privately owned and the owners would be delighted to meet the needs and wishes of clients in terms of rentals, weddings and overnight accommodation.

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Music Museum Music Museum

< 200 persons |

The former Baroque Church of Saint Magdalene, dating from the 17th century, offers a magical atmosphere for any social event. Every guest will always remember this unique experience and this extraordinary venue.

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Malostransky Palace Malostransky Palace

< 200 persons |

The late Baroque refectory hall, which has recently been refurbished, is fully adapted for various types of events. The original Baroque organ at the front of the refectory is not only used in concerts, but also serves as a unique decoration for gala dinners or receptions.

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Kaiserstejnsky Palace Kaiserstejnsky Palace

< 200 persons | Kaiserstejnsky Palace was created by connecting two Gothic houses in 1630 and was rebuilt around 1700. The two buildings are joined by narrow side wings that form a small courtyard. The palace’s many halls and lounges are ideal for all types of social events and lend them a unique noble ambience. Whether you're planning a conference, a wedding, a gala dinner or a party, both buildings of the palace are at your service. Organizers of events, exhibitions, auctions and concerts always find this place irresistible.

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SmetanaQ SmetanaQ

< 200 persons | This art and design centre offers wonderful interiors comprising 300 m2 and beautiful views of Prague Castle and the Petřín Tower. It is a unique place for lectures, exhibitions or workshops that can also be used for social events. The SmetanaQ space consists of three interconnected, sensitively restored galleries.

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Hauch Gallery Hauch Gallery

< 200 persons |

A place that combines modernity and functionality with the industrial soul of the building. This unique exhibition space is great for organizing corporate, social or commercial events. It is also a great venue for conferences, fashion shows or private dinners.

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Bawag Bank Bawag Bank

< 200 persons | On the corner of Stepanska Street and Wenceslas Square there is the cupola of Bawag Bank. It is a prestigious location with a stunning view of historic Prague including the Petrin Hill and Prague Castle. The building has two floors suitable for catering, dancing or a specific programme of event for your clients or staff parties.

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Písek´s Gate Písek´s Gate

< 200 persons |

This renovated Baroque building, in an attractive location close to Prague Castle, is a popular cultural and public centre of Prague 6. It is suitable for exhibitions, weddings, social gatherings, concerts, local presentations, celebrations of anniversaries and public holidays as well as charity events.

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Pellé Villa Pellé Villa

< 200 persons |

Thie Neo-Renaissance villa near the Hradčanská metro station is located in the heart of a unique historical area. The area is both quiet and close to the city centre. The four renovated floors, with a connection to the garden, offer spaces for cultural and social events, including exhibitions, parties, conferences and weddings.

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