Czech Masters, European Golf Tour

August 2014 | At the Albatross Golf Course we proved that even sport catering could have its own ‘style‘. We started with breakfast refreshments on the driving range and finished with dinner. Vitra chairs, flying buffet, veal cheeks, drinks. Perfect service for the great names of golf.

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Stihl Timbersports World Championship Stihl Timbersports World Championship

November 2019 | We didn't want to miss the Lumberjack World Cup in the Industrial Palace. We took good care of our VIP guests, to whom we offered, for example, caprese or raclette shows, flatbreads baked on site, our irresistible Chocoland and much more on this true championship evening.

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EURO UEFA 2016 EURO 2016

June 2016 | In the ‘Czech House’ of the European Football Championships in Toulouse and Lyon, we provided day-catering for 3,600 guests. Our team was in charge of preparation, catering and service. We really enjoyed this event, as we are all avid football fans, and our participation was very successful.

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MOTO GP Race Series MOTO GP Race Series

August 2012 | This series of motorbike racing requires a lot of fuel! Racers could tank up under our supervision all day long, enjoying exclusive delicacies made from high-quality ingredients, such as muffins, pasta or large servings of meat.

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