Table Projection Mapping for "All the Senses"

May 2017 | We believe that what you see, you will want to taste. And we will prove that to you. At the unique Žofín Palace our guests can experience ‘table projection mapping’ for the very first time. It combines visual projections with traditional Czech cuisine.

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Neon Food Lounge NEON FOOD LOUNGE 

October 2018 | As part of the Prague Signal Festival, we collaborated with QUIX on the NEON FOOD LOUNGE - a big neon party in the tent of the Žofín Garden restaurant. Under UV lights everything glowed, the guests as well as drinks and sweets. Our guests enjoyed Prosecco with UV passion fruit caviar, bubble tea with lychee or neon magnums, ice cream, waffles, panna cotta, donuts and much more. For the very hungry, our food truck offered hot meals, such as poutine, hotdogs and burgers.

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ANOC The ANOC Awards 2017

November 2017 | In the Forum Karlin hall during the special ceremonial occasion for 22nd international meeting of Olympic Committees we provided a banquet for 205 committees from around the world. We prepared a festive three-course menu dinner for 1100 participants. We served for example marinated prawns, cod fillet with squid sauce, home-made nut ‘Magnum’ with sea salt and fruit as a dessert.

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Wedding Reception at Zofin Palace Wedding Reception at Zofin Palace

October 2017 | To be able to entertain not only the bride and groom but also all the Russian/Jewish wedding guests according to their original traditions, we hired a special master chef from Russia. He prepared delicacies such as caviar, pelmeni or pierogi. The menu from our kitchen consisted of oysters, flap steak and salmon. Our guests were celebrating and having a really good time until early morning hours.

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Tablemapping for Porsche Panamera Gala & Table Projection Mapping for Porsche

August 2017 | At the official introduction of the new Porsche Panamera, we introduced to 330 guests the largest table projection mapping theme so far. We served slightly smoked tuna, flap steak with peas purée and homemade nougat ice cream as a sweet topper.

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Conference of Huawei company Conference of Huawei Technologies Co.

June 2017 | We served the top management of Intel and Huawei at Žofín Palace for two weeks. Refreshments were divided into mini-portions of UV food and live cooking. The pleasure of the evening was boosted by the beauty of the Neo-Renaissance palace and our modern technology.

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Ball of Prague 1 A Ball for the Guests of Prague 1

May 2017 | The Spring Ball for 1,100 prominent culturally, politically and socially prominent guests of Prague 1. The theme of the evening was film, and we were in charge of directing it. Our food and drinks were a box-office hit.

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Gala dinner for the Amway company Gala Dinner for the Amway Company

March 2017 | We hosted 140 guests in the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle. The uniqueness and importance of the event was evident in every detail. In the evening, a special 5-course menu was served, including a special dessert that was spread out in front of the guests by pouring hot chocolate. The evening takes place every year in a different city and returned to Prague after ten years.

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Merlot - Super Gala Dinner Merlot - Super Gala Dinner

March 2016 | Gala dinner for 350 French wine lovers at the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle. A Michelin-starred master chef prepared a five-course menu that looked and tasted as if it was cooked on a southern hillside.

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Ball at the State Opera  - British Classic at the State Opera Ball at the State Opera  - British Classic at the State Opera

February 2016 | Refreshments for gentlemen at the State Opera with a British Monarchy‘s theme. Royal Wellington pork and traditional fish & chips in a contemporary, luxurios way. A pleasure to look at as well as to taste.

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