The ICCA: The International Congress and Convention Association 


November 2017 | At the conference of the ICCA, we truly crossed the borders of convention catering. For four days, we ensured that none of the 1,100 participants ran out of energy. Our 120-person staff prepared balanced coffee breaks, buffet lunches and lounge niches. During the Charity Run, we refreshed the competitors with light and healthy dishes. The menu for the festive evening was served at the Žofín Palace, and the climax of the event was the closing gala at Výstaviště’s Industrial Palace.

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Top Responsible Company BPS TOP Responsible Company 2018

November 2018 | On the occasion of the awarding of prizes for BPS TOP Responsible Company 2018, we had the honor of presenting our sustainable concept in collaboration with the Business for Society company. Without plastics, producing minimal waste and maximum taste, we introduced ingredients from our local suppliers. The guests enjoyed a "vegetable garden", quail eggs, cabbage rolls, chestnut cream and other dishes. We have used aesthetically imperfect vegetables in our samosa pastry. We served tap water infused with fruits and herbs. Nothing was thrown away, and the guests could take away whatever had not been eaten. And it worked great!

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Conference of Huawei company Conference of Huawei Technologies Co.

June 2017 | We served the top management of Intel and Huawei at Žofín Palace for two weeks. Refreshments were divided into mini-portions of UV food and live cooking. The pleasure of the evening was boosted by the beauty of the Neo-Renaissance palace and our modern technology.

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