ŠKODA Museum

Our Exclusive Venue | Under 500
The Vaclav Café-Restaurant, located in the ŠKODA Museum in Mlada Boleslav, is renowned for its kitchen and for cooking only with the best local products. It is an enticing venue for business meetings and private parties. Who would not like to negotiate in a place where cars have been produced since 1928?
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kapacity gala  dinner buffet
Laurin & Klement 450 800
Cafe Restaurant Vaclav 70 100
Hieronimus II 60 120
Hieronimus I 30 45
Kolowrat   30
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tř. Václava Klementa 294
Mladá Boleslav


Aspira Business centre Aspira Business centre

Under 500 | We would like to introduce you to this state-of-the-art office building located in the attractive neighbourhood of Nové Butovice. The structure's reinforced-concrete skeleton frame is dressed in high-quality natural materials, which makes it aesthetically appealing both outside and inside. The building's design is architecturally unconventional and of a high technical standard. It offers a pleasant working environment and its design draws attention without disrupting its immediate surroundings. It is also the only building in the Czech Republic that has been awarded a two-star green construction certificate.


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DUP 39 DUP 39

Under 500 | A place where commerce confronts art, technology, and Man. You can organise any event here and give it an underground flair.

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Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia

Under 500 | Invite your guests to an area full of history. The Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia was established in 13th century and it is one of the most significant Gothic buildings in Prague. Enjoy the exquisite atmosphere of the Oratory of St Agnes, the Shrine of the Saviour, and the Church of St Francis, where the remains of King Wenceslas I are buried.

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Martinic Palace Martinic Palace

Under 500 | This palace, which dates from the second half of 16th century, has been a venue for many important social and cultural events. Just choose one of the individual salons or rent the entire palace for your conference, fashion show, gala dinner, wedding ceremony or concert.

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Meet Factory Meet Factory

Under 500 | Between the motorway and the eight-rail train tracks in Smichov you can see a tall industrial building that houses the contemporary, independent and international centre of art, MeetFactory. It is very spacious – and of course ideal for any kind of cultural event.

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Prague Crossroad Prague Crossroad

Under 500 | The Prague Crossroads, an international spiritual centre, is a project of the Dagmar and Vaclav Havel Foundation VIZE 97, which also manages this unique space. The late Czech President Václav Havel provided the incentive for the Prague Crossroads. His vision was to create an inspirational place for diverse encounters, lectures, discussions, concerts, performances, exhibitions, happenings and meditations, focusing on the multicultural diversity of today's world.

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Sacre Coeur Sacre Coeur

Under 500 | This admirable Prague building, with its amazing history, was built in 1884. The chapel offers a unique interior which emphasizes its unreproducible atmosphere for any representative event. You will see that organising of any event in this ex-nuns´ boarding school is not hard work as it used to be but quite the opposite.

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Old Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bubenec Old Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bubenec

Under 500 | Industrial interior and romantic cellar rooms with candle lights are typical of this building which used to be an old sewage disposal plant in Bubenec. This building from the Czech art noveau industrial era around 1903 hides amazing rooms for social events of all kinds.

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Under 500 | In 2018, there was an extensive renovation to create luxurious spaces with the unforgettable atmosphere of The Great Gatsby. The EMPIRE HALL offers over 1600 m2 of unique and elegant space for your conferences, gala dinners, corporate and association events, weddings, receptions, concerts and fashion shows.

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Troja Chateau Troja Chateau

Under 500 | Near the Prague ZOO there is a French park with the baroque Troja Chateau. Its location and scenery entices you to organise a representative party with participation of antique deity.

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Uhelny Mlyn - Kotelna Uhelny Mlyn - Kotelna

Under 500 | Uhelny Mlyn - Kotelna is a jewel of an industrial building and a unique space for rent near Prague. This venue was discovered and purchased by architect Patrik Hoffman and refurbished with the help of EU funds and regional subsidies. The reconstruction was awarded the 2013 Grand Prix. Today, the location is an inspirational space for all design aficionados and slow-lifestyle lovers. Adjacent to the building is an attractive area, called Kotelna, with fully functional facilities for one-off rentals of all kinds.

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 The Trade Fair Palace – The Little Hall The Trade Fair Palace – The Little Hall

Under 500 |

This building in Prague's Holesovice district is one of the first and largest Functionalist buildings in Prague. The Trade Fair Palace is the seat of the National Gallery in Prague, which houses a permanent exhibition of 20th and 21st century art as well as important temporary shows. Since 1958, the building has been a cultural monument. Currently, you can rent and use its Little Hall area.

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