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Wedding Reception at Zofin Palace Wedding Reception at Zofin Palace

October 2017 | To be able to entertain not only the bride and groom but also all the Russian/Jewish wedding guests according to their original traditions, we hired a special master chef from Russia. He prepared delicacies such as caviar, pelmeni or pierogi. The menu from our kitchen consisted of oysters, flap steak and salmon. Our guests were celebrating and having a really good time until early morning hours.

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Wedding in Ploskovice Wedding with a Perfect Visage

August 2014 | We set and prepared the wedding menu for the famous visagiste Kim Kardashian. Wedding bells were ringing at Ploskovice Chateau, where we served 80 guests. The joyous atmosphere was enhanced by field lettuce with dandelion leaves and Prague ham with potato salad, mushrooms and horseradish foam.

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