Gala Dinner for the Amway Company

March 2017 | We hosted 140 guests in the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle. The uniqueness and importance of the event was evident in every detail. In the evening, a special 5-course menu was served, including a special dessert that was spread out in front of the guests by pouring hot chocolate. The evening takes place every year in a different city and returned to Prague after ten years.

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BBC Gala večer Gala večeře pro Britskou obchodní komoru ČR

November 2021 | V krásných prostorách Sacre Coeur jsme s chutí připravili gala večer pro hosty Britské obchodní komory ČR. Všech 140 hostů si pochutnalo například na lízátkách z foie gras, zvěřině nebo čoko bobech s mango salátem.

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30 years of Kooperativa 30 years of Kooperativa on the Czech market

September 2021 | In September, we had the honor of preparing a gala evening for 400 important partners of Kooperativa, which celebrated its 30th anniversary on the Czech market. The venue was the beautiful premises of the Míčovna, or Ball Room of the Prague Castle, and the adjacent gardens.

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"Our Security Cannot Be Taken for Granted" national conference

June 2020 | National conference "Our Security Cannot Be Taken for Granted" is the conference where top political representatives and leading security experts meet regularly. For the third year we could have made the debate more pleasant with our catering during coffee breaks and lunch.

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Tisíc hostů, tři noci a brazilský SHELL One tousand guests and three nights with Brasilian SHELL

August 2019 | We spent three unforgettable evenings with guests from Brazilian Shell. We welcomed more than 1,000 guests on the premises of the Prague Castle. The next day we enjoyed a gala dinner behind the scenes of the Industrial Palace and we ended this exciting ride with them with Alice in Wonderland, into which the Karlín Forum was transformed. We served our guests the best from our kitchen, and we managed to create a menu that honored Shell's legacy: We served amuse-bouche in mussels, burger buns in the company's colors and much more. This event won the Event of the Year award, which is bestowed annually by the Czech Event Association.

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Czech 100 Best Czech 100 Best

November 2017 | At the special occasion ‘Czech 100 Best’ in Prague Castle we prepared food all day for 700 guests which was accompanied by an official ceremony. We combined the best of our catering offerings and Zátiší Group restaurants. In our buffet we were serving octopus salad, Italian delicacies from our ‘focaccia station’ and we introduced our ‘vegetable garden’. In front of our guests we prepared fresh caprese or we painted with food our special Meringue cake (Pavlova cake) with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

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ANOC The ANOC Awards 2017

November 2017 | In the Forum Karlin hall during the special ceremonial occasion for 22nd international meeting of Olympic Committees we provided a banquet for 205 committees from around the world. We prepared a festive three-course menu dinner for 1100 participants. We served for example marinated prawns, cod fillet with squid sauce, home-made nut ‘Magnum’ with sea salt and fruit as a dessert.

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Tablemapping for Porsche Panamera Gala & Table Projection Mapping for Porsche

August 2017 | At the official introduction of the new Porsche Panamera, we introduced to 330 guests the largest table projection mapping theme so far. We served slightly smoked tuna, flap steak with peas purée and homemade nougat ice cream as a sweet topper.

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Tablemapping with All the Senses Table Projection Mapping for "All the Senses"

May 2017 | We believe that what you see, you will want to taste. And we will prove that to you. At the unique Žofín Palace our guests can experience ‘table projection mapping’ for the very first time. It combines visual projections with traditional Czech cuisine.

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Merlot - Super Gala Dinner Merlot - Super Gala Dinner

March 2016 | Gala dinner for 350 French wine lovers at the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle. A Michelin-starred master chef prepared a five-course menu that looked and tasted as if it was cooked on a southern hillside.

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Ball at the State Opera  - British Classic at the State Opera Ball at the State Opera  - British Classic at the State Opera

February 2016 | Refreshments for gentlemen at the State Opera with a British Monarchy‘s theme. Royal Wellington pork and traditional fish & chips in a contemporary, luxurios way. A pleasure to look at as well as to taste.

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